CIO & IT Leaders Summit in Dublin, London Tech Week, Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada in Toronto, Power & Energy Conference in Cork – what else?


June has come to a close, and as we look ahead, we are excited for new plans and goals!

The beginning of June held significant importance for us. Michal and Beata represented our company at the CIO & IT Leaders Summit in Dublin, and it was a great pleasure to be part of those meetings. Our visit to Ireland was even more eventful, as we had the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals. Additionally, one of the meetings focused on collaborating with Tyndall National Institute. We took part at the Power & Energy Conference in Cork too, which was great experience!

Our next destination for June is London Tech Week, where the weather conditions surprised us greatly with an unexpected heatwave, as confirmed by Kasia, who represented us at the event.

What lies ahead? We are looking forward to participating in the Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada in Toronto! Engaging in events worldwide allows us to understand the diverse needs of our clients and provide individually tailored services.

With that, we conclude our travel memories from June, but we know that life is not solely about trips!
However, let’s touch on the topic of travel again, as the holiday season has just begun. For our employees, this means the opportunity to utilize our holiday benefit – apartments in Burgas. How you choose to spend your time in sunny beach is entirely up to you. Would you prefer a week of relaxation on the beach and exploring the charming surroundings of Burgas? Or perhaps you’ll opt for a workation, combining rest and work? The choice is yours!

Our SI-Chat remains at your disposal. We continue to move forward by attentively listening to the happenings in the IT market. We strive to develop with a spirit of technological innovation while maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality.
In June, we completed the recruitment process for this year’s student internships. We were pleasantly surprised to receive 354 applications. From the pool of candidates, we have selected 11 individuals with whom we will soon commence working. See you on July 10!

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