Business Process Automation & CRM


We help Sales & Services Companies struggling with an overload of tasks and data (often kept on messy spreadsheets) to automate repeatable, multistep business processes by perfectly tailored, custom built software & AI that accelerates company productivity, creates competitive advantage, saves cost, and is easy to manage for all!

Streamline your processes and focus on growth with a custom Business Process Automation (BPA).

Get ready to take over control with a clear head – Streamline customer interactions – Boosts sales – Fosters stronger relationships with central hub for all customer data.

“Thanks to the system provided by Software Interactive, we have been able to significantly improve our internal communications, manage contacts, and efficiently monitor marketing activities. This system has helped us organise our documentation, making it much easier to access the necessary information. The system created by Software Interactive contains several independent modules, perfectly tailored to our needs, which directly translates into our high satisfaction with the product we received.”

Karina Krzemien, SRW

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