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We offer excellent custom built business automation solutions for businesses looking for tools to streamline their everyday work. With our products, your work will become more efficient and effective, delivering quicker and better results.

Discover how our innovative solutions can transform the way you work and help you achieve greater success in your business!


Discover modern solutions – innovative products that will change your life!

  • CRM Systems
  • AI/ML
  • Dedicated 3D Scanner
  • AI Traffic Surveys

CRM Systems

We create individually tailored CRM systems, which allow you to focus on creating effective company development strategies, optimizing internal processes, and ensuring excellent customer service.



We create top-notch AI/ML services, including: Animated Chatbot, Resource matching for tasks, AI risk assessment tool, Speech Recognition, Vision Systems.


Dedicated 3D Scanner

We specialize in creating custom solutions for our clients. We create a custom 3D scanner that will be perfectly tailored to your needs. With our experience and dedication, we are able to create a device for you that will meet all your requirements.

AI Traffic Surveys

AITracker is software that automatically recognises vehicle categories and counts them from video recordings. Now you will no longer miss any vehicles or pedestrians! We automate traffic measurement and make the work of road planners, measurement companies and transport engineers easier!


“During the project, Software Interactive demonstrated a high level of professionalizm, expertise and commitment to delivering a top solutions. Their respect, established timeliness and milestone delivering the project on shelf without any issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Software Interactive to other organisations seeking a reliable software development partner”.
Michał Szopa, Simlab

Over 16 years of experience, over 170 successfully completed projects – you can trust us! Benefit from our experience in software development and turn your idea into a great digital product.

We have 4 leading products that we create in a professional, creative, individual and comprehensive manner. We consult each stage of the work with the Client on an ongoing basis, which guarantees us achieving the highest level of effect.

We are solid software partners.
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