AI Tracker


AITracker is a software that automatically recognizes vehicle categories and counts them from video recordings. Now, no vehicle or pedestrian will escape your notice! We automate traffic measurements and facilitate the work of road designers, surveying companies, and transport engineers!

  • Automatic counting of film up to 5x faster in the cloud
  • Output sheet compatible with GDDKiA classifications (GPR, 8+1, EURO-6)
  • Cartograms, daily traffic profile, and ready reports
We save costs on traffic measurement and we save your time!
Automatic traffic analysis and license plate recognition – AISP | AI solutions for traffic management!

AI – recognition:

AI for recognizing individuals (counting people, identifying those in need, recognizing life-threatening situations)
AI for vehicle recognition (22 categories)
AI for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) enables the recognition of license plates and text extraction.
AI for recognizing vehicle characteristics (counting axles, elements)

AISP sp z o.o. is part of the Software Interactive capital group.

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