Capital Group


The Software Interactive Capital Group was established because we want to create a friendly group of companies that help each other grow.
We purchased companies directly and indirectly related to IT.

We have become a global company, and thanks to the creation of the capital group, we have competences in the field of UX/UI, design, through software and even automation.

SI & AISP – we create software that automatically recognises vehicle categories and counts them from video recordings. Now you will no longer miss any vehicles or pedestrians! We automate traffic measurement and make the work of road planners, measurement companies and transport engineers easier!

We offer:

  • Automatic traffic measurement
  • Results straight from the cloud
  • Measurement accuracy of 97%
  • Ready-made diagrams for each measuring point
  • 100% verifiable results

SI & Future Sight – we operate in the UX/UI/design area, we work with the best designers and marketing experts from around the world.

We operate in the UX/UI/design:

  • Product and experience innovation
  • Digital strategy design
  • Brand design and development
  • Modern and effective inbound marketing
  • Content design and management
  • Guaranteed world-class design and business consultancy

SI Automation – we create applications for industry, and we also work in such areas as: vision systems, implementation of robot stations, 3D scanning, Elite Cobots, soft-grippers.

We offer:

  • vision system for robot control, verification, quality control
  • implementation of workstations with robots
  • IT solutions – dedicated applications, especially for industry
  • dedicated 3D scanning solutions for quality control and process control of the bin-picking type
  • implementation and training of collaborative robots from Elite

SI & SoniqSoft – we create dedicated web applications and advanced software for companies, our solutions help companies focus on their business, leaving us to choose the right solution based on well-selected or “tailored” software.

We offer:

  • custom software:
    SoniqMES – “for build to order” and boutique manufacturing environments
    SoniqProject – dedicated to companies implementing projects, unique orders and one-time services
  • web application:
    Financial comparison
    On-line surveys
    E-commerce management application integrated with Allegro
    E-commerce B2B application, integrated with the ERP class system

Profis@Work Liliana Świderska – it is the oldest part of the Capital Group, that everything started. We are on a market since 2007, focusing on the programming services of the market and the provision of services.

We offer:

  • Team Leasing of developers, analysts and project managers
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Embedded and web-based software, custom software