CRM & Business Process Automation


Bespoke Business Process Automation & CRM Platform for a Payroll provider for Distribution and Transport Companies

Our Client offers a management & payroll solutions to distribution and transport companies and their individual drivers. The client manages nearly 10,000 drivers’ accounts for a number of different companies.
The Client was using multiple spreadsheets and systems to manage their customers’ accounts, all the drivers’ accounts, as well as the work of all their salesmen who are mostly working in the field.
The original request for a custom built process automation was to streamline the work of the HR department as well as introduce a custom CRM solution to be used by the sales team (which also included automation of the sales team’s own fleet management).
On the successful completion of the initial tasks, the Client requested to automate all the other processes in their company one by one. Since we quickly gained insights into all operations we were asked to integrate other systems and streamline many processes across various departments.

Our solution:

  • Complex task handling system streamlining work between various departments with various privileges
  • Full support for controlling and running main business processes in the company
  • Integration with various systems, including government depts., taxing, other private or internal ones
  • Generating documents based on company templates
  • Notification system
  • Communication panel for the customers
  • Google map integration
  • Various calculations, including financial ones
  • Employee anti-fraud mechanisms
  • Marketing tools (like mailing, etc.)
  • Reports to XML, PDF, DOC files