Power & Energy


Forecasting for Renewable Energy

Bespoke software for estimating & forecasting of the production on green energy (highly accurate over 96% prediction of every day production for a month ahead)

  • estimation of the production of energy from photovoltaic farms
  • prediction of the production of energy from wind farms (weather measurement point was basen 60km from the farm)

The solutions are developed with the use of machine learning (neural networks) & statistics

Energy Production Planning

Energy production planning and optimisation for the large energy supplier in the south of Poland (resulting in 20% savings)
The solution takes into account various aspects of how the energy company operates, including satisfying all environmental requirements.

  • power plant daily levels of production, downtimes, etc.
  • sales and purchase of electrical energy from otcher sources (incl. other countries)
  • market of the energy certificates – incl. green ones (applying to renewable energy production)
  • CO2 emission permits

Technologies: hybrid solver including constraint programming, linear programming, local search and dynamic programming.

Software Solutions supporting Sustainability

  • design and construction of an indoor/outdoor kiosks for powerbank renting
  • emulation and anyalysis of various aspects of how electric car works (for a global car producer)
  • optimisation and adaptation of the use of e-ink technology in cities