Libraries for Analysis of Data from Autonomous Cars Journeys

Our team has developed two libraries for analysis of data from autonomous car journeys. 
The first library for used for data visualisation.
The second library was processing data from journeys, sensors, etc., which also combines and makes this  data available in the central system. 

Language Adaptation of Speech to Text

Bespoke software solution of speech to text adaptation for our Client: Peugeot – car producer.  
We developed Polish and conversational intelligence engine to control vehicles using C++ and Lua.
The system includes an independent platform, wide range of domains, IoT, and natural language understanding.

Software for simulating autonomous cars

We’ve created software for simulating autonomous cars – we have collected mathematical data from the entire vehicle, then we’ve analyzed and processed it and finally created data visualization.

  • C#
  • C/C++
  • Qt/QML
  • Python / Flask

Computer Diagnostics of Cars

Our team has developed software, used for computer diagnostics of our Client’s cars during a visit to the workshop. It is a diagnostic application written in .NET and WPF.

Creating software to support service systems in our Client’s car showrooms and support SOS systems for NDA passenger cars.

We developed an application for simulating and testing of how the external driver tiredness detection system works. The application was written in C++ in Qt. The tiredness detection algorithms used separate stereo camera and pose and face detection algorithms from the third company. 

Optimisation of Car Painting

Our team has developed the optimal algorithm for sorting of car body colours in a paint shop of our Client: factory in Poznan. In this solution we employed data mining and Machine Learning models. The proposed solution increased the efficiency of the line by about 120%.