3D Printing


We develped an automatic 3D scanning station using professional blue light 3D scanner and a five-axis 3D scanning system that delivers models with scan quality in the range of single micrometers.
The platform incorporates a hardware module with a professional structure light 3D scanner, a desktop application that directly manages the work of the scanner and creates a solid model based on data obtained from the scanner, and a cloud platform for handling the scanning process, including ordering and managing scans and evaluating the resulting data.
Defective metal parts on oil rigs are beeing 3D scanned on the spot. Detailed scan is processed, sent to the 3D printer, and printed in metal on the spot without the need to ship broken parts on hundreds of rigs from land.


We had implementation of two systems for a leading manufacturer of 3D printers in Poland for cutting and manipulating STL 3D models, and for managing a farm of 3D printers in the cloud.

In area of 3D Printing and 3D Scanning we’ve also successfully developed:

  • 2 slicers for 2 major 3D Printer producers. A slicer turns 3D model into fully printable entity: calculates the interior of the object, calculates supports, cuts the model into slices, takes printing material into consideration as far as the resilience, stresses and setting time are concerned
  • right now we are working for Dubai Client on a system, that automatically goes through 3D scanning, AI refining and 3D printing of spare parts for Oil & Gas industry; also, the system is supposed to be improved by intelligent selection of the material to be used in printing of a particular object based on the analysis of the object’s material