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Why PEP8 is not enough to write Pythonic code (2/2)

This article is the fifth part of the entire entry. If you haven’t read the first part, look here and let us know if it is helpful to you! Context manager Imagine this situation: you are serving an empire as […]

Why PEP8 is not enough to write Pythonic code (1/2)

A lot of python programmers claim that if you can program in any language then you can program in python. And to be quite honest it’s… true. Writing Python code that does its job is not hard. But writing elegant […]

How to learn C++: Top Sites and Courses, from Intern to Senior (1/2)

Living in the era of digitalisation and constantly evolving computerisation in a various social or business environments, contributes to young people choosing programming as a notable life career. It happens so, because the employee market dominates. There is more demand […]