• over 2 years of experience
  • Knowledge of the framework There is also a puppeteer library
  • Knowledge of desktop applications
  • Knowledge of network issues
  • Knowledge of English at B2+ level
  • Basic knowledge of Linux

It’s nice to have:

  • Knowledge of the C++ language
  • Adjust work as standard
  • Analytical skills and background to learn

Project description:
Developing and improving the functionality of the application for graphic generation and running scenarios of computer vision algorithms. Algorithms run either on a computer or on a smart camera. The application itself is written in Node.js, the algorithms are written in C++. The offer applies only to the part related to C++ algorithms. The C++ code includes both proprietary algorithms that implement more advanced methods of computer vision, as well as a number of simpler methods (also using publicly available libraries such as OpenCV), and integration with devices (e.g. webcams). Example scenarios implemented in real conditions may concern: reading barcodes / 2D, detection and classification of objects (e.g. road signs by an autonomous car), detection of defects on the production line (OK/NOK), etc.