How to learn C++: Top sites and Courses, from Intern to Senior (2/2)

This article is the second part of the entire entry. If you haven’t read the first part, look here.

Medium developers are the group that begin to deal with problems on their own. They are able to ask the right questions straight away to their relatively routine tasks and they do not need to be constantly led by the hand. Their skills should allow them to write not too complex modules in larger projects.

Getting from mid-level to senior can be quite difficult, because many of them stop to progress their experience and stay mid-level for the entire length of their career. It might not be surprising that senior developers master their tech stack. Coding skills go aside. A senior thinks about their code in a different way. As a consequence, it is made with maintainability and scalability for further maintainers. This group contains fully independent programmers. Complexity is not a major problem for them. It does not mean at all they don’t ask questions along the way. Besides huge analytical skills, they are communicative persons.

Concluding, the C++ programmer career does not belong the simplest. Eventhough for many it turns out to be a great adventure, whereas the labor market is full of offers for this kind of programmer. Isn’t it cool when you have so much software, drivers and hardware under control? The answer seems to be unambiguous.

Besides coding skills, there are some other factors that can tell you what type of developer you are. Internship is the time for students when they face the real work environment and the tasks. Juniors in general, do the tasks with a low impact. They are not ready to do any design of architecture. Mid-level group is starting to be able to design the solutions, not just fully performing assigned tasks. Senior developers can develop the whole application completely on their own.

There is no “silver bullet” way to grow up from intern to senior. For sure very good results simply bring just writing the code and going through multiple development cycles. To get a higher level, it’s good to have a more experienced teammate, solve increasingly difficult tasks and remember to focus on learning more than just fixing routine tasks!

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