Body & Team leasing

We support your Organization with the best professionals specializing in C++, .NET and Python with attractive hourly rates. We have experience working with both start-ups and mature organizations 

Embedded programming

We create individual software tailored to the specific needs of the client. We have implemented projects in such areas as: fiscal devices, 3D printers, multimedia kiosks, IoT and others

Computer vision

We create applications using Augmented Reality, 3D scanning, as well as classic image processing methods like detecting, decoding, measuring and tracking of the objects on the image

Autonomous car software

We create software for collecting, visualizing and analyzing data from real and simulated autonomous cars 

Web software

We create medium and large IT systems, usually cloud-based with web access. Backend is usually implemented in .NET Core (also ASP.NET), frontend in Razor or technologies based on JS (Angular / React)

R&D projects

We have a strong scientific base, we use advanced algorithmics, computer vision, 3D reconstruction, tools and methods for optimization and prediction


Software Interactive approaches each client individually, paying attention to the needs and effects that are the most important part of the cooperation. We specialize in a comprehensive approach to the client, starting with getting to know his needs and desires, guiding him through the project implementation process, leading to an effect that is intended to exceed the client’s initial expectations.

Cooperation was altogether correct, contract was done with appropriate carefulness, that is why we give positive references with pleasure”.

We really want to add you to our client’s base and help you achieve what you want! We work for both large foreign organizations and start-ups, check it yourself:


We are a team of 120+ people, using the business and scientific experience of the Silesian University of Technology. We work on creative, unique, and professional solutions to tasks entrusted to us. We meet the needs of our clients at home and abroad – both mature organizations and start-ups – through unique solutions, such as embedded software (including fiscal applications), autonomous car software, web and cloud software (including a cloud system for managing 3D printer farms), computer vision or optimization and prediction. We work in programming languages: .NET, C/C++, Python, and Qt/QML. Do you want to know how to get a team of good programmers? We are ready to help you! In Software Interactive we work together and we are always ready to answer your questions. We value the relationships that we have been building in the team for years, which naturally translates into better results of our work.

Your solid software development partner. Michal Swiderski PhD, CEO


We create individual software tailored to the specificity and needs of the client. We implemented projects in such areas as: medium and large IT systems, usually cloud-based with web access, backend in .NET Core (also ASP.NET), frontend in Razor, or technologies based on JS (Angular / React). We create software for simulating autonomous cars, computer vision, playout streaming tools, 3D printers, IoT, fiscal devices, or multimedia kiosks. We work mostly in C/C++, .NET, Qt/QML, and R&D. We are constantly striving to improve our qualifications and skills to start working on more and more difficult and demanding projects.
If you have an idea but don’t know how to implement it – or think it’s not real – contact us! We work where others give up.


Very important for us is doing everything great – we work to give more than you expect.
We have released two innovative products to the market: the 3D scanner, which is the first 3D scanner, that runs on your smartphone, uses only one camera, and builds 3D models in real-time and the World Platform Trade, tool for a fast and secure association of business partners and an efficient method of communication and trading.
Find out how we’ve made great products to market:


Software Interactive stands for quality. We work on each project in a way that allows us to achieve high results. We work for both large and medium customers, foreign and Polish clients. We specialize in large, long-term projects that require complex solutions from us. We like to work where others have given up. At each stage of work on the project, we set ourselves high goals, which we achieve thanks to the knowledge and experience.

“As part of the work on the project, Software Interactive performed a business and system analysis, including, among other, documentation of business and system processes and activities. Cooperation in the implementation of the project went well
MSc. Jan Siwy, Director of the Research and Development Department, ELZAB S.A.

We put the same amount of commitment, knowledge and experience into every project.

Software Interactive has made itself known as a creative, reliable, and professional business partner. And what is the most important, the terms were kept and our business goals were achieved“.

Do you want to know how much does an IT project cost or are you wondering how long will we work on your success? Contact us! We put the same high level of commitment, knowledge, and experience into each project. Check-in which industries we have implemented projects:


Do you need strong software developers fast? Are you interested in the estimation of an IT project or are you looking for a team of good software developers? We want to help you! At Software Interactive the most important are people – we are always doing everything to make our clients satisfied. We always work as a team, together, so we can do more and take your idea (project) to the next level.

During the cooperation, Software Interactive proved to be a professional, reliable, and creative contractor. Cooperation in the implementation of projects was successful and the work was done with due diligence
Euvic sp. z o.o.

We will be happy to answer your questions and doubts and take care of your project.