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Hello everyone!

In a moment, we will be welcoming a new month, so we want to share our September achievements with you. September was a very productive month; our team traveled extensively. We explored nearly half the globe, from Europe to the dream-fulfilling America. We’ve also achieved success in the UK; our company’s presence at the Tech Connect Live trade show in Ireland generated significant interest. In addition to that, our team enjoys entertainment, from relaxing vacations on Bulgarian beaches to events like IAAPA EXPO Vienna. There were also sporting achievements; our CEO, Michał, completed the “Marathon of the Three Lakes” in 5 hours, 18 minutes, and 4 seconds.

New York

We have opened 2 offices in Canada (Toronto) and the USA (New York). Our company branch has reached the city of New York, and we probably don’t need to explain to anyone what a tremendous achievement that is. Going back to the beginnings of our company, we can safely describe it as a massive success. In connection with this, our CEO, Michał Świderski, visited New York, and Times Square proudly welcomed him. In North America, we are engaged in financial services such as risk management and compliance.


We were also present at the prestigious Tech Connect Live trade show in Dublin. Our booth and our company’s collaboration proposals garnered significant interest. The landscapes of Ireland left a tremendous impression on us, both in terms of their natural beauty and diversity. It was an amazing experience.


Throughout September, our CMO, Grzegorz, led the “Get to know Softint projects” campaign. Grzegorz shared information with you and illustrated how our fantastic projects looked like!


Our company provides its employees with company housing in sunny Bulgaria. Thanks to this, we can refresh our minds and recharge our batteries before continuing with our work. Vienna was an incredible adventure for us, full of experiences, amazing entertainment, and considerable excitement. The IAAPA EXPO Vienna trade show holds special memories for us, where we combined learning, company development, and great fun.


The “Marathon of the Three Lakes” for us was just another day. Our CEO secured the 29th place with a time of 5 hours, 18 minutes, and 4 seconds, out of 338 participants. It’s been almost two weeks since the race, and we are still full of admiration for the achieved result.

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